They Will Bring Your Spouse


If you have a work meeting
there's a service you might need.
If, say, you have a dinner work meeting,
and you were caught, yes, quite unaware.

There's a service you can call
that will bring your spouse.
You just tell them when and where.
They will pick your spouse
and bring them, yes, just there.

But I have heard if you want something different,
maybe you don't a spouse just yet.
They can do something about, yes, even that!
They can bring you a potential spouse for your dinner.

And you'll meet someone that you won't like,
and the conversation will be impossible.
It's not the goal to end the night
with reconciliation!

They will bring a spouse, oh, yes!
But it will be an unhappy spouse!
And they can be your guest,
and people will know
exactly why you love to work late!
Exactly what keeps you away from home.

And your boss will be so, so happy
knowing you're dedication to your job
has ruined, yes, your relationship
to the person pretending to be your spouse.

They will look so miserable,
and trust they will be, yes, well paid.
And your boss will be so happy,
knowing that you've made his day.

He will know that you're dedicated,
first, yes, to the job.
He will know that you're dedicated
even if you lose your spouse.

But since you're not married, no,
there will be no alimony.
It is so much cheaper, yes,
than pretending to have a date,
or maybe even falling in love
for someone you paid to be your date.
This simplifies all the above,
and it really seals the fate.

Your boss will appreciate you.
Appreciate your dedication.
And it's really much cheaper,
when you go, yes, on vacation.

You just get to focus on yourself.
You don't need to think of another.
And I'm sure you will have some fun.
If you ever take time off.


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