Choose an engine


When it comes to a vehicle,
when it's time to choose an engine,
what kind of engine do you choose?
What kind of vehicle will you use?

Some people, they like gas.
Some people, they go electric.
There are, yes, some others.
Maybe you want some hydrogen!

It is really, really safe.
And the only emission is water.
Yes, it is truly not zero emission,
but it is pure, pure water.

So many things to use
when you choose an engine.
So many things to use,
but I would like to recommend:

When you choose an engine, please consider
all of the taxpayers in your city.
When you choose, yes, choose an engine,
instead you should pick public transit!

You can leverage all of us!
You can help, yes, all of us!
It is really cheaper for you,
and it is better for all of us.

If you haven't noticed,
there's only so much space on the road.
When you use a personal car,
you really fill the road.

So many people in so many cars
rushing all around, round, round.
They crash and bang and boom and bash and
it really makes a sound.

And we don't need that anymore!
We need none of that in our city!
Leverage the power of the people
when you choose your engine today!

Just select some public transit!
It will be just the way!
Lovely public transit!
Maybe you might add a bicycle!

But you have the money
for a really fancy bicycle!
So much, much, much money if you
just cut out your nasty, nasty car.

I don't care what kind of engine,
it's still a nasty, nasty car.
Just cut out the car and go
public transit, public transit.

Just cut out the car and
maybe walk once a while.
Just cut out the car and
walk once a while.


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