Like a taxi


The new services offered
are kind of like a taxi.
But there is one
major exception!

A taxi has insurance
publicly displayed!
And private people
might not have any.

But they can have personal, yes, insurance.
That explicitly prohibits
their job and how they're making their money.
But since they're individual contractors
it will just be you against them.

It does not matter how much the business knows.
They have clearly said the driver's need insurance.
But, you know, the company's don't know
when the drivers use cheaper insurance!

My insurance, yes, prohibits commercial driving!
Like those people pretending to be taxis.
I am prohibited from doing that thing,
because it's excluded from my insurance.

So you know, you can see,
their current insurance card
and not even know
what they're doing is prohibited.

You can be in an accident
and it will be your fault
for riding with someone without insurance.
You can sue them, yes,
and will accomplish nothing!

That's why I prefer real, real taxies.
I'm looking forward to the automated ones.
Just, just cut out the driver!
I don't need to talk to anyone.


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Another day's commute


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