"The Cusp": 30 minute / 9 track album released (CC-BY)

The notion of using field-recordings as backing tracks comes from the recognition that folk a-capella -- which predated all recorded music -- was sung in all manner of real-world environments. A quiet room recording, then, doesn't map up with how it was traditionally enjoyed.

The core of the album was sketched out FAMW 2018. The backing layers were added after-the-fact.

The Bandcamp and Archive.org links both include lyric books. Bandcamp has a "dual-mode" PDF/ODF file that LibreOffice can open and edit, while Archive.org has the more-broadly-useful ODT file itself. (If you want a PDF or other format, LibreOffice can make one. Plus, Google Docs -- and likely other online word processors -- can cleanly import the ODT allowing the document to be easily read on phones.)

Found on

The Cusp


Music Genre

Ambient Acepalla

Released By

Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




mrbeany.bandcamp.com (Pay-If-You-Want)

Total tracks





S.W. Black

Copyright Year



Freely available on Archive.org

Track Listing

  1. The Cusp (03:18)

  2. Cusp of a Better Song (03:02)

  3. I am Experimenting (03:21)

  4. My Elephant Has Found a Sausage (02:56)

  5. The Elephant Poops Too Much (02:52)

  6. I've Sold my Elephant (04:04)

  7. Cusp of Being (02:53)

  8. Transfixed and Transformed (03:05)

  9. The Cusp of this Song is Thumping (02:56)

Transcription status: All tracks are transcribed and a lyric book is included in your download.


A world-distorted table of cups in an artistic style. The words "The Cusp" and "Mr. Beany's Bitty Band" are present.

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