Justin's Driving Song




Justin's Driving Song


Mr. Beany's Bitty Band





Album Artist

Mr. Beany

Music Genre

ambient acapella




Justin wanted a genuine, yes, driving song.
A lovely little driving song
to listen to
as he drove on by.

He wanted windows down and stereo up!
A lovely driving song!
This is not one of those! Not one of those!
No, not one of those.

How do you change your windows
when you're in a bus?
How do you change your windows
when you're walking on the ground?

That's how I prefer to move around
never in a car.
I don't know about other people,
but I love public transit!

I would like more public,
public, public transit.

How would like public transit
to get you to a bar?
How would you like public transit
to get you very far?

Lots of places to go
when you ride on a bus.
Or maybe you're lucky
and ride a train or light rail.

Or maybe even a subway,
if you're super-duper lucky.
But, who knows, maybe
you're just stuck in a car.

When you ride a car you can't do fun things,
like watch movies on your phone, phone, phone.
It's not even really safe to a call
to a friend to say you'll be late to their home.

So many things can kill you when you're riding in a car.
You'd be safer if you just took the bus.
I think you might like it,
if you simply tried it more.

At least, if you were lucky
to live where they're at.
We need more busses
like we need our bridges repaired.

So please, please, please
fund public transit.
Yes, please, please
fund public transit.


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Lo-Fi Folk Acapella

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