From 2019-05-26 "A little about me":

Hello! My name is Steven. I am a mad artist.

Why do I call myself "mad?"

  • I follow my heart and my art, and not profit.

  • I encourage others to do the same.

I have a vision of ancient religions starting because one half-educated acolyte managed to survive the destruction of their home town. They found themself safe and in a town in dire need of religious help, but without anyone capable of running a local temple. The acolyte used the rough framework that they knew to discover and invent everything else.

I don't want to recreate any ancient religion. I want to recreate the mindset of the novice acolyte who, in trying to help his new home town, unintentionally founded an entirely new faith.

What does this mean for my clients?

My skills are in slightly atypical areas. It's easy to find a group of people that can play instruments well. I don't play any instruments, but I have improvised a whole 14-track LP in one sitting. (Reproducibly and on video.)

There's long been thoughts that some folks are just keyed in to the universe a little differently than others. Am I tapped in to divine madness? Maybe. There are bound to be some folks proclaiming some of my beliefs -- and even proffered services -- to be madness.

I call myself a "mad artist" because I don't care if others consider me mad.

I lean in to the intuitive and improvisational and, at times, the surreal.

One of my favorite quotes is Salvador Dali's "I don't use drugs. I am drugs." I want to facilitate your altered perception of the universe, if only for a short while.

Please note that my rates are currently cheap as I expand and refine the services I offer. You pay me for how much time it would take you do to it yourself, and my competition includes folks offering similar services.

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