The Winter Olympics


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lo-fi acepalla


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Track List

  1. [0:00:03] The Winter Olympics

  2. [0:03:21] The Santacrawl

  3. [0:06:34] Santa Claus and his Work

  4. [0:09:42] A Snowman out of Hay

  5. [0:12:57] If the Snowmen Succeed

  6. [0:15:56] The Wintertime of the Oil Industry

  7. [0:19:08] Prose You Can Use

  8. [0:22:31] That Groundhog Has a Day

  9. [0:25:39] Hey, Look It's the Olympics

  10. [0:28:55] In the Wintertime of the Olympics

  11. [0:32:06] Help that Good Bear

  12. [0:35:30] I think I am an Animal

  13. [0:38:56] An Exercise of my Mind

  14. [0:42:08] Please Don't Sell Children


From 2018-02-10 ""The Winter Olympics" :: Improvised Album":

This is an improvised 14 track album. I did a song for a one-hour "skirmish." I got the title, then I created this thing.

This is not generally available due to the fact that it has not been transcribed yet. (YouTube's automatic transcription didn't work well.) The cover is ready. It was briefly available on Bandcamp, but it has been pulled until it gets transcribed.


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