On Halloween we partied

  • Album: 50/90 2015
  • Track: 6
  • Year: 2015
  • Title: On Halloween we partied
  • Album Artist: Mr. Beany’s Bitty Band
  • Composer: English
  • Poet: S.W. Black

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On Halloween we partied
On Halloween we sang
That was before the monster destroyed
virtually everything.

We really need a hero
just like in ancient Greece
We need a modern Theseus
to slay us this ugly beast.

Is it a child of Echidna?
That mother of monsters?
Would a family reunion
destroy most everything.

Is there something special?
Gold apple or gold fleece?
Is the moster protecting what
we could never ever see?

Is Jason going to come here?
His Argonauts come too?
When they shed blood will see
finaly get see the gorey truth?

Or are we the real monsters?
With human hands and feet?
Have we forgotten our origin
as the ones who did this thing.

And so we now must party
And so we now must sing
We who are the great destroyers
Will try not destroy things.

Now if we ask for candy
Perhaps now you will see
The glee that we bring could easily
destroy most everything.

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