Fishy song

  • Album: 50/90 2015
  • Track: 10
  • Year: 2015
  • Title: Fishy song
  • Album Artist: Mr. Beany’s Bitty Band
  • Composer: John Francis Wade (1711–1786)
  • Poet: S.W. Black

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We like fish that are green.
Fluorescent even better.
Green fish are the best fish
we would think you’d agree.
Fish can be friendly
if you don’t try to pet them.
You really should not pet them.
Petting them just might hurt them.
You really should just take
pictures for all to see.

Some fish perform research
joining with scientists
to find out if pollution
is really present.
These fish could save lives
by detecting toxins.
They fluoresce to shine signal.
They can not speak to signal.
But they can still save lives
by using science.

If you want to keep fish
they are really easy.
You just need to feed them
but not too much.
Excess food builds up
inviting disease.
You don’t want disease.
Disease can prove quite fatal
to fish, and to you and me
that you’d agree.

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