Halloween Cat

  • Album: 50/90 2015
  • Track: 23
  • Year: 2015
  • Title: Halloween Cat
  • Album Artist: Mr. Beany’s Bitty Band
  • Composer: Adapted from Chorale in Musikalisches Hand-Buch, 1690
  • Poet: S.W. Black

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Beware of Halloween Cat
she might be looking at your top hat.
But she won’t attack you
unless you try to attack her with your shoe.

If you see her on the street
please bring her something that she might eat
She can be hungry because of the crime
she fights out in the grime.

A Halloween cat once was here
to bring me mushrooms and root beer.
She was a very helpful cat
and I would squeeze her on a mat.

When you put out treats for the holiday
remember what I say
cats don’t taste things sweet
they would much prefer to eat some yummy meat.

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