Failed 3In10

  • Artist: Mr. Beany’s Bitty Band
  • Album: 50/90 2017
  • Track: 8
  • Year: 2017
  • Title: Failed 3In10
  • Album Artist: Mr. Beany’s Bitty Band
  • Poet: S.W. Black
  • Genres:
    • 3in10
    • crapcapella



Have you thought of security?
Something to keep you safe.
Have you thought of security?
Keeping you safe.

Safe from what? You might ask.
Safe from everything.
The best security
keeps you safe from everything.

It’s like locking you in
a box, don’t you see?
Locked in a little box with
no where to pee.

Have you thought of security?
Just a little security.
Starts with locks on your doors
and then it goes all…
all around,
all inside,
all, all, all around.

All around, no where to hide.
Security, quite a find.
Once you start with security,
the next step is to go within.

Security inside as well as the outside
and you’ll find you won’t begin.
You won’t begin with just one little bit.

You’ll begin with three or four.
Bring out the lock boxes, yes, and
nail them to the floor.

Security, security
keeps us all locked inside.
It doesn’t bring freedom, no
but that is not why we strive.

It keeps us safe
from evils kept inside.
It keeps us safe!
Lots of weevils will die!

(I don’t know so much about this one.)

Lumpy Burr

Lumpy onions! Lumpy bagels!
Lumpy bits of pumkin pie!
Lumpy onions! Lumpy bagels!
Lots of things to make me cry.

I like lumpy food.
Just like you, I’m sure.
I like lumpy food, and

I’m a lumpy burr.
A burr is a little
thing that sticks on folks.
And you carry around a seed.

I’m a lumpy burr!
I’m stuck on your clothes.
And so, my seeds
they will spread.

Lumpy, lumpy burr.
Be a lumpy burr.
I’m a lumpy burr with my seed!

I spread it far! I spread it wide!
I spread it without a care inside!
Because, I know my seed
will live on long after me!

Lumpy, lumpy burr!
I’m a lumpy burr.
It’s lumpy burrs as far as I can see!

I’m a lumpy burr!
This song’s a lumpy burr.
And they will go off past the sea
traveling the world and long out-lasting me.

Lumpy, lumpy burr!
Be like the lumpy burr!
Caught in the clothes and the sleeves!

Lumpy, lumpy burr!
Be a lumpy burr
and one day, I’m sure you will see!

Didn’t last

(That didn’t last that long.)
That didn’t last that long.
That didn’t last that long.
Here we are again,
that didn’t last that long.

I wanted a slightly longer song, but
that song it did not last long.
No, that song it did not last long.

Have you thought of writing a longer
song that could you play once or twice.
A really lovely, long, long, really long song.
And I think it might just be nice.

Here’s a longer song!
A much, much longer song!
Here’s a much longer song, don’t you see!

I wrote you this little song.
This really long, long song.
This really song’s from me to you to see.

Have you thought of maybe once
singing one of these songs I write to you?
Have you ever thought of
dancing once or twice while I play?

This is a longer song
This is a longer song!
Giving you time to get prepared!

This is a longer song!
This is a longer song, oh
wait, I guess you’ve gone up the stairs.

You’ve left the room
You’ve left the room.
And I’m singing by myself now, I guess.

You’ve left the room!
Yeah, left the room!
And still I sing my best!

… But I’m tired
so I guess that’s it.


Lightbulbs bring light inside.
Lightbulbs bring light inside.
I have these light bulbs you know
and they bring the light inside.

Did you know that lightbulbs, yes,
they don’t really bring light inside?
They make new light!
Yeah, that’s right!
They make new light inside!

If they just reflected light
from the sun outside
then they would really, yes,
be bringing the light inside.

These lightbulbs, oh
yes, these lightbulbs!
These lights are very bright.
These lightbulbs, oh!
These lightbulbs!
They make so bright inside!

How do you like your bulbs?
Do you like them round or weird?
How do you like your lightbulbs?
Do you like them white or red or green or bringing fear?

These lightbulbs!
Oh, these lightbulbs!
Making it bright inside!
These lightbulbs, oh!
These lightbulbs!
It’s really making me quite a fright!

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