Oklahoma State Highway 113

  • Artist: Mr. Beany’s Bitty Band
  • Album: 50/90 2017
  • Track: 15
  • Year: 2017
  • Title: Oklahoma State Highway 113
  • Album Artist: Mr. Beany’s Bitty Band
  • Poet: S.W. Black
  • Genre: crapcapella

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Liner Notes

There was no way this was going to have a happy ending. At least the nobody got arrested for stalking.


Oklahoma State Highway 113.
I was going down the road, you know.
And I thought I would catch a bite to eat.
Well, not with my hands, oh, no.
I thought I would use a restaurant, too.

So, I went to the town of Canadian
on Oklahoma State Highway 113.
I wanted just a bite to eat.
But somehow I found more, it seems.

I met there a beautiful Canadian.
Not from Canadian, from Canada.
Is a Canadian a resident
of the Oklahoma town of Canadian?
It’s screwy in my head up there.
It’s screwy in my head.

But I was in the town of Canadian.
And this Canadian was beautiful,
I was quite enraptured, yes.
This Canadian was beautiful and I stayed too long.

I could not bring myself to introduce myself and so
I was just stuck in Canadian.
But not in a gross way!
I mean the town.
I was stuck in the town of Canadian.

I could not take my eyes off of that Canadian.
And so I sit there still, it seems.
For that Canadian was a beautiful, beautiful statue
and I have become a statue, too.

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