Nap Or Coffee

  • Artist: Mr. Beany’s Bitty Band
  • Album: 50/90 2017
  • Track: 29
  • Year: 2017
  • Title: Nap Or Coffee
  • Album Artist: Mr. Beany’s Bitty Band
  • Poet: S.W. Black
  • Genres:
    • crapcapella
    • household
    • coffee

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Liner Notes

I sang this while trying to decide whether to take a nap or to drink more coffee.

In singing this song, I convinced myself to drink more coffee.


When you’re feeling tired,
do you drink more coffee or nap?
Or do you nap in coffee,
scalding your good pants?

I’m kind of tired.
I could probably nap,
but I’m sitting here thinking
about drinking coffee.

I have heard that the coffee bean
is quite sacred to some.
A holy plant, you have seen
and possibly you’ve consumed some!

I love the coffee bean,
I’ve heard that it is kind of a fruit.
That is kind of weird you know
because it’s not exactly juice.

I do love my coffee bean,
but mostly I love the coffee I drink.
It’s named after the bean, that you know.
It’s kind of a soup, I think.

Coffee, coffee, coffee.
Would it make my song better?
Coffee, coffee, coffee.
If I drank more, I probably couldn’t nap.

Coffee, coffee, coffee.
Maybe should forsake you,
at least long enough for me to nap,
and then I could drink you tomorrow.

Coffee, coffee, coffee.
Don’t look at me that way.
Coffee, coffee, coffee.
You’re mad I know, but that’s okay.

You want me to drink you.
That much I know is true.
But I’m thinking, if I nap,
then I could dream of you.

In my dreams the coffee queens
would reign in the heavens
and bless us all with coffee cream
raining on our heads.

Coffee beans would grow
instead of horrible grass.

We would all love to dance
and sing in the coffee rains.
We would all sing and prance,
and perhaps have coffee brains.

Coffee, coffee, coffee.
Caffeine, it can be addictive.
Coffee, coffee, coffee.
Would I be addicted to the dream?

Coffee, coffee, coffee.
After my nap, would I have a headache?
Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee.
Okay, maybe, I don’t want to dream.

I think you have convinced me
to make a coffee brew.
To brew it up and drink it down
and then we will be through.

Coffee, coffee, coffee.

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