My Neighbor Errol’s Neighborhood

  • Artists:
    • Mr. Beany’s Bitty Band
    • Errol Elumir
    • yam655 + errol
  • Album: Not Crapcapella
  • Track: 21
  • Year: 2017
  • Title: My Neighbor Errol’s Neighborhood
  • Album Artist: Mr. Beany’s Bitty Band

Liner Notes

  1. My Neighbor Errol’s Neighborhood

2017-02-18 @ 02:17am tags: errol

[yam655] It took me long enough. But I think my work is complete.


I have often wondered what it might be like to live near Errol and see him and his family.

[Errol] Mostly whining

Would it be like Mr. Rogers?

[Errol] And crying.

Full of imagination and plays?

[Errol] Crying for me, because of children.

Or would it be like Totoro and I could jump on his belly and fly in the air?

[Errol] Hey, I’m trying to work out!

And he would exert magic and make my plants grow!

[Errol] Like my belly!

What would it be like to live near Errol?

[Errol] Loud, I hear.

I suspect he wishes we could take a cat bus,

[Errol] Totally, totally do.

but in the end he would be more like Mr. Rogers.

[Errol] With a cat bus.

Super friendly, super kind, super helpful, and super awesome!

[Errol] Who are we talking about now?

He would be like “My Neighbor Errol” …

[Errol] Probably be exactly like that guy.

… and someone could write a comic about him …

[Errol] It would mostly be me, eating.

… and they could give him super powers in the comic, like it would allow me to jump on he belly and fly in the air, just like in Totoro!

[Errol] I’m getting a complex about my belly.

Except if Errol made the comic, it would actually be more like Mr. Rogers because Mr. Rogers actually went places and showed us stuff.

[Errol] And he had cool jazz music.

Would Errol be full of knowledge

[Errol] Oh, gosh, no.

and full of curiosity?

[Errol] Ooo, yeah.

Would he take me on trips to places I’ve never been,

[Errol] If it’s on a cat bus, yeah.

like the Land of Make-Believe?

[Errol] That’s where I am all the time.

Or perhaps in to a canning factory where they can peaches.

[Errol] Uh, sure.

I just don’t know what Errol would do.

[Errol] Eat the peaches.

Would he be like Totoro …

[Errol] Is this about my belly again?

… or would he be more like Mr. Rogers?

[Errol] Mr. Rogers is cool. I like him.

I still think Mr. Rogers.

[Errol] Ooo, ooo! Now it’s my turn to sing! I got the words, “File Details.” That doesn’t make sense in the song. Huh.

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