Ikiwiki tweaks and updates

While Ikiwiki can be used for CGI-based blogging, that’s now how we’re using it here. This is by design. When used as an off-line site compilation process, it produces results that have zero host dependencies. It’s fast and stable and can be hosted anywhere.

This site uses Ikistrap from This helps integrate Bootstrap 4 with Ikiwiki.

It also uses a patched smileys plugin so that ASCII emoticons are converted to Unicode emojis. See


Rapid Automatic Keyword Extraction Edit

We patched RAKE to facilitate topic/keyword extraction from lyrics.

This site just uses the defaults, which is soft-wrap with at most 10 results.


ina: Idiotic NaNoWriMo Appender

We’ve written a program to assist us in writing first drafts. To help smash the inner editor, it is text-input without editing capacity.


tallytime: stupidly simple time-tracking

We needed time-tracking that allowed the system to be rebooted.

This simple tool does a surprisingly effective job.


Ad-hoc Writing Tools

This is a collection of JavaScript tools.


Over on htpp:// ianuarius, visibilydistorted and alamous came up with a game.

Originally, it was done with dice. This is an online version.