Lovely Pirates Going Asail




Lovely Pirates Going Asail


for M.B.

Tune Of

We Three Kings of Orient Are


Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




Christmas 2016


John H. Hopkins (1820–1891)


S.W. Black

Album Artist

Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




Lovely pirates going asail
striving forth to bring you some ale.
like to eat something that's not hard
and old and full of bug tails.

Oh I like to eat biscuits, true.
I'd like to eat some with you.
But I'd prefer something more stout.
I would like to eat some stew.

Would you think perhaps it might be
loverly for you and for me
if we took our booty sailing
and go over by sea.

Oh, I want to see some islands bright
decked about in sparkling lights
stars a twinkling, wine glass es tinkling
I would like to drink all night.

But perhaps it won't be all night.
Drunk I get, oh, it's such a fright.
I would prefer to read a book.
Or, perhaps I'll write one, too.
Oh, I like my booty, yes it's true.
And I like yours, yes, it's true.
But I think perhaps we should
just watch a show that has been through.

There are pirates who are going asail
boyed by their talk of the sale.
I think I might like to dance a while
under the moonless veil.

Oh, I like to drink and dance all night.
Pirates, oh, but pirates, right.
I think it would be quite lovely.
Why don't I scare up a bite?

I think I might go for a sail.
Not down here, or inside a whale.
I would prefer up in the stars.
Asking comms, a ship to hail.

Oh, I am a pirate, yes, it's true.
But not one for you or you.
I'm a pirate of the spaceways.
I would like some booty, true.

Why don't we go forward a deck.
Twice, now, I thought it was a wreck.
But the cargo it was carrying
It could have eaten debt.

Oh, I am a pirate, yes, indeed.
Space is boundless and it's bleak.
I think I might like the pirates
of the spaceways. What a feat!



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