Don't pull my hair




Don't pull my hair


for N.O.

Tune Of

The First Nowell


Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




Christmas 2016


18th Century French Melody


S.W. Black

Album Artist

Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




I wonder if you knew how I ate my left shoe.
It is always the left one that I will eat, too.
The right one it's a turd, and I give it to birds.
They don't eat my shoe, either, but I guess they could.
I thought perhaps you might sing a song about tonight.
But I guess you don't know the future, yet.

Eventually we all know what it will hold
but by then it will be the past, I suppose.
I thought I might sing a song this evening and night,
and when I was through I did give such a fright.
For my beard it grew three feet and I wonder'd who was me.
It was not me, for my beard was too long.

And with that beard too long people pulled it right and left
and they tied it 'round my back around my right breast.
But you would think that would be the end of it there,
but they could not stop for they had stuck to my hair
and my hair it pulled so tight that I laid a scream of fright.
I thought perhaps they would rip it right there.

But you know that the skin is so flexible
you can pull it and tug it almost to your toes.
So my hair, it held on tight right through the harsh night
and when it was through, I let out such a sigh.
For eventually they let go of my mane
and I was free from their hands for a while.



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