Fear and Misinformation about the Snow Moon

(Fear and misinformation) About the Snow Moon

2017-02-10 @ 11:57pm tags: skirmish superskirmish ss10b skirmishss10b

I think I've recorded the sound of my general anxiety on this track... I mean, between the pseudo-severe weather siren and the "doom, doom, doom" in the background here...

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Not Crapcapella




Fear and Misinformation about the Snow Moon


Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




Not Crapcapella

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Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




I've heard the snow moon will be cool
I wonder how it might rule.
Does a snow moon rule at all?
Does it make a sound?

I've heard that snow moon in the sky
will be a snowy brightly sight.
But what shall it do
when it comes tumbling down?

Is the moon tumbling down?
I would like to know.
I have heard such strange things that you'd suppose.
I have have heard so many things
they cannot all be lies.

The snow moon comes.
It will rule the sky.
When is the dragon going to gobble the moon?
Is that tonight as well?

When will that happen?
When can I tell?
Will the moon be there in the morning?
Will the moon be gone before I wake?

I've heard you say that these are not real facts.
They're just alternative facts.
But I don't need truth because I have faith
that moon will come and smite your face.

That snow moon will smite you all.


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