A Gift

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2017-02-19 @ 08:43pm tags: skirmish superskirmish ss19h skirmishss19h gift hedgewars

My son played a big part in determining the direction of this song.

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A Gift


Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




Not Crapcapella

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Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




I would like the gift of silence today.
And I would like another gift, too.
Have you considered a really splendid gift?
A gift of a computer, dedicated to--
"Dedicated to" that means what you do.
I think that it should just do one thing.
I think that it should truly be dedicated
to just do one most exquisite task.
It should be dedicated to HedgeWars!

HedgeWars is a game, a fun one!
HedgeWars is a game, a grand one!
You play as a team of Hedgehogs, you know,
and you are at war with the other teams, too.
You play as a team and you have some cool hats.
The hats are cool, just like you.

Oh the hats, they are really nice
and you wear them on your head
almost all the time.
Except when you're doing something explosive.
Except when you're planting mines.

And these things they are good and I know you'll agree.
You can wear a lemon hat or
perhaps you'd prefer Pikachu.
There's lots of hats to choose.



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