My Neighbor Errol's Neighborhood

  1. My Neighbor Errol's Neighborhood

2017-02-18 @ 02:17am

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[yam655] It took me long enough. But I think my work is complete.

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My Neighbor Errol's Neighborhood

  • Mr. Beany's Bitty Band

  • Mr. Beany's Bitty Band

  • Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




Not Crapcapella

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Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




I have often wondered what it might be like to live near Errol and see him and his family.

[Errol] Mostly whining

Would it be like Mr. Rogers?

[Errol] And crying.

Full of imagination and plays?

[Errol] Crying for me, because of children.

Or would it be like Totoro and I could jump on his belly and fly in the air?

[Errol] Hey, I'm trying to work out!

And he would exert magic and make my plants grow!

[Errol] Like my belly!

What would it be like to live near Errol?

[Errol] Loud, I hear.

I suspect he wishes we could take a cat bus,

[Errol] Totally, totally do.

but in the end he would be more like Mr. Rogers.

[Errol] With a cat bus.

Super friendly, super kind, super helpful, and super awesome!

[Errol] Who are we talking about now?

He would be like "My Neighbor Errol" ...

[Errol] Probably be exactly like that guy.

... and someone could write a comic about him ...

[Errol] It would mostly be me, eating.

... and they could give him super powers in the comic, like it would allow me to jump on he belly and fly in the air, just like in Totoro!

[Errol] I'm getting a complex about my belly.

Except if Errol made the comic, it would actually be more like Mr. Rogers because Mr. Rogers actually went places and showed us stuff.

[Errol] And he had cool jazz music.

Would Errol be full of knowledge

[Errol] Oh, gosh, no.

and full of curiosity?

[Errol] Ooo, yeah.

Would he take me on trips to places I've never been,

[Errol] If it's on a cat bus, yeah.

like the Land of Make-Believe?

[Errol] That's where I am all the time.

Or perhaps in to a canning factory where they can peaches.

[Errol] Uh, sure.

I just don't know what Errol would do.

[Errol] Eat the peaches.

Would he be like Totoro ...

[Errol] Is this about my belly again?

... or would he be more like Mr. Rogers?

[Errol] Mr. Rogers is cool. I like him.

I still think Mr. Rogers.

[Errol] Ooo, ooo! Now it's my turn to sing! I got the words, "File Details." That doesn't make sense in the song. Huh.


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