Delightful Pickles


How do you delight your pickles?

How do you delight yourself?
I like my pickles, like myself
lots of flaming firecrackers, too.

Wait, I did not know that thing
that thing with firecracker pickles.
What's that word I'm looking for?
Oh, yes, I think that's strange.

Strange to eat that firecracker
strange to eat it with pickles.
Strange to eat that firecracker.

But, I suppose, I suppose,
that the firecracker might be a pepper.
I suppose, I suppose,
that firecracker is a pepper.

Pickled peppers, long and short
Pickled peppers, from here to there.
Pickled peppers, in my ears
and sometimes in my tears.
Pickled peppers!

I would like some pickled peppers.
Perhaps you could like them, too.
I would like some pickled peppers.
In a stew or in a bowl!
But never, ever just in my shoes.

Have you thought of pickled peppers?
Lying there upon the floor
step around and not in to them, please.
We don't need them squished, no more.

Pickled, pickled peppers!
Pickled cucumbers as well!
Pickled, pickled peppers!
That is where my pickling dwells.





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