Mitochondrial Lesions

One of the album covers I made while I was on vacation earlier this month got named "Mitochondrial Lesions". This is the first song.

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50/90 2018




Mitochondrial Lesions


Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




50/90 2018


S.W. Black

Album Artist

Mr. Beany's Bitty Band

Music Genre

lo-fi acapella




Mitochondrial lesions
doesn't sound all that nice.
Mitochondrial lesions
prob'ly leaves your body sad.

But, I hope that fancy doctor
fixes you up, super, super nice.
Yes, I hope that fancy doctor
does not have other things in mind.

What might he be doing
while he's fixing your mitochondria?
What could he be implanting
deep in your cells?

I won't know
because I'm just the muscle.
but, if I need to
I will puch your lights out.

If I need to
you will go down.
Even if it's caused by
your mitochodria.

Mitochondrial lesions
doesn't sound like fun.
Mitochondrial lesions
definitely not fun for anyone.
Mitochondrial lesions
not like that!

I don't think it's a skin disease
on your mitochondria.
But, something's wrong inside your cells
and it's messing with your mitochondria.

I don't know how he'll fix you
I'm kind of, kind of scared.
But he says you have
mitochondrial lesions.

That machine he's using
it looks super fancy.
It's oh, so shiny
and it kind of makes me want to push buttons.

But it is so fancy
I'm sure it will kill you
if I push the button over there
and inject you with glue.

So, I'll just leave it to the doctor
he will tell me when he's through.
He will fix you up so you don't have your lesions.
He will and inject glue if needed.

So I'll stay out here
and wait until he's done.
I hope it doesn't take too long.
I've only got 45 minutes...


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