I loved her hair

In this case, I was touching hair, but differently than I was in Bertha Betty's song.

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50/90 2018




I loved her hair


Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




50/90 2018

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Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




I did not see her again. I did not see her again.
I wanted to. I wanted to, but she was gone.
She left me alone and sad, it's true.
But she left behind something just for me.

It was a strand of her lovely, lovely hair.
I wanted more, you know I swear.
I wanted her whole beautiful head of hair
attached to her beautiful body there.

But she! She left me, because of my habit.
My habit of touching her hair and ignoring
what she said when she told me to stop touching her hair.
Because I loved her hair!

I loved her hair!
And now she has gone, and even stolen the wig
that I made out of strands of her hair.
I collected it from hairbrushes, yes, I swear.

She never liked my special wig,
so she stole it when she left.
And so, I am lost without her hair.
There's just a strand.

I've locked it up there.
And so, I am lost without her hair,
so I'll talk to the strand that she left behind.
It will tell me where to find.


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