A Long Time Ago

I didn't like what I got for this song. I ended up improvising it five times, and this time only one of those was an aborted attempt.

After improvising it five times, this is my first attempt. It is better than the others.

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50/90 2018



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A Long Time Ago


Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




50/90 2018


S.W. Black

Album Artist

Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




A long time ago
I thought I was just a man
but I was wrong. I was wrong.
I'm not actually a man.

I found, a long time ago, time ago,
that I was something much, much more.
I found that I actually was a town
in Colorado called Four-By-Four.

I've never been to the town
called Four-By-Four,
but I know that's what I am.
I am not a human. I am a town.

It was a little surprising when I found out.
But it grew on me, yes, and I found
so many things
were explained by this fact.

I have never been to that town
because I can not be inside myself!
That is why I've never been to Four-By-Four,
the town in Colorado!

I don't know why it's called Four-By-Four,
and I don't even know if that's it's real name.
or maybe that's just what the townspeople all it
Because they love to ride their four-by-fours.

But I know that's what I am.
I am that little town in Colorado.
Now you know! Now you know.
I am so much more than a man.

And you know that in Colorado
they legalized recreational marajuana.
And that explains my memory lapses.
That explains my good disposition.

They must be so high in that town!
They must be having really good times!
Because, you know, I'm a town in Colorado.
A town that is now filled with smiles.


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