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Another day's commute



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Goobely Goop


09/30/2018 - 17:03


I have the perfect thing we can use
to speed our commutes.
I call it Goobely Goop.
Just coat it around your body, yes

And you'll sail, sail on through!
It's really speedy Goobely Goop.
And this goop is good for you!
Just coat your body with this lovely goop, it's true.

We have specially prepared transport tubes,
that you'll speed, yes, speed on through.
And this goop will get you there so fast!
This goop will save you so much time.

Don't worry if you pass some gas,
that Gobbely Goop will be just fine.
You will love this lovely goop.
This lovely goop is super, duper fine!

It's Goobely Goop.
Yes, Goobely Goop.
It's Goobely Goop.
Yes, all the time.

And as we bring this goop
to the cities close to you.
You will find! You will find!
That the airplane industry is through!

You won't put up with that anymore!
Because it's just not good for you!
We will stay, yes, quite out of the sky,
because we have the Goobely Tubes!

Goobely Goop in Goobely Tubes
going goobely, goobely fast!
This is the Goobely Goop for you!
Yes, you can use this lovely goo.

You will go so fast and find
that it is really super fine.
It will save you so much time
when you use the Goobely Tubes.

And I think you will really enjoy
as the Goobely Tubes go in the water.
And they go over the ocean
or maybe they'll under waves.

It will be a Goobely Day!
Lovely Goobely, Goobely Goop.
Goobely goo that you can use!
Lovely Goobely, Goobely Goop.

Everyone will cheer
for Goobely Goop!

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