The Dragon Turns

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Another day's commute




The Dragon Turns


09/30/2018 - 17:22


I wanted an ecologically sound
way to commute to my job.
After quite some research
I think I have it found.

It's a dragon. Yes, a dragon.
And the dragon turns around.
It turns faster than a speeding car.
Faster than a jet airplane.

And this dragon it can do this
while I'm clinging to its mane.
Right under its chin where those
mane tentacles they do droop.
I've already perfected
the device that I'll use.

And the dragon turns so fast!
Yes, the dragon runs so quick!
I really, really like its trick
when it gobbles the politicians!

This will be
so, so good
for our economy!
We can simply devour the banksters
and help our industry!

And we'll get
to work
so fast!
Riding down here
by the dragon's mouth!
And we'll get
to see all the people it devours
as we go,
five miles south.

It will be
such a good,
good time.
Perhaps I will
be able to unwind.
I won't need to think
about where I turn
the dragon turns for me.

It will get
me where
I need to go.
Almost faster than
the eye can see!

The dragon turns!
The dragon turns
almost everywhere!
And we'll roll them out
all across the continent I swear!
There will be dragons

And we will enjoy so many
great, great things!
Because these
don't poop like you and me!

Out of their butts come gold for all to see.
So as they devour banksters there will be
more gold and precious things!
Dropping upon the people, yes.
And they will be able to make more.
We will simply devour the rest.

And we'll leave
filling the sky.
The leaders of business
will be trembling.
Oh my!

For they don't don't need us!
We don't need them!
They have money
and I think they can swim!
They will the area
and leave their money
so we can invest it
and do something with our honeys.

It will be so good, I swear.
It will be really nice.
Perhaps, I'll fix my hair.
And all of this,
simply started
because I wanted
a better way to get
from here

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