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Life is Full of Poop


Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




Putting the Crap back in Crapcapella

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Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




You might not realize it, but
life is full of poop!
Life is full of poop!
Every day a new poop!
Every day a poop!

First you're born,
and then you poop!
You poop as you grow
eventually to someone who
can poop on their own.

Then you might have a fur baby,
and deal directly with their poop.
Some of you might have human babies,
and so begins the poop anew.

So much poop in human life!
The poop it just truely flows!
It keeps on rolling out your butt!
Eventually, it might clog the toilet.

And if it doesn't clog the toilet,
you still have to wipe their asses,
until they can figure that part out.
Hopefully they'll figure it out really soon,
but first they have those stinky diapers.

Unless you live in a country
where they let the children
wander around and poop on the ground.
They learn to squat and poop.
They learn when they're about to go!

And you would think it would be messier but!
It helps the humans to know
when they need to poop
and where they need to go.

But, after all of the children,
after all of the children can poop on their own.
After all of the fur babies have grown and gone!
There's still your own poop!

Because as you grow,
you might have problems
getting the poop
out of your body!

And so you might add a laxative
to your diet for eternity.
So you can poop! So it can flow!
So, so much can go, go go!

You don't want a build up, oh no!
You've got to keep with the poop!
Keep the poop going to the potty.
Going right out, out, out of your body!

So we go to the toilet!
And that's where we go to poop!


Found on

Putting the Crap back in Crapcapella


Lo-Fi Folk Acapella

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