A Fish Named Gary




A Fish Named Gary


Mr. Beany's Bitty Band








Once there was a fish named Gary.
A fish named Gary. Yes, a special fish.
This little fish, he was named Gary,
and he did not live in a dish.

He had an aquarium
and he lived down the street,
owned by someone who
really was not neat.

That owner did not
keep his tank clean.
Gary disliked it
and the owner, he was mean.

So, Gary wanted a change.
So, Gary racked his little fishy brain.

How does a fish
rise up from the watery depths?
Traditionally they needed to
evolve and climb to ground.

Not our Gary!
No! Not him!
He put together something
mechanical that swims.

He made a machine
in his filthy tank,
made of debris
that fell in to his tank!

And when he arose
out of that dank water,
he, yes, destroyed
his owner and that whole house.

Now we have, yes, at the
end of my street,
a lovely aquarium
and fish we never, ever eat.

"Gary's" down the street,
they serve human steaks.
They tried to stop it, sure,
but Gary only served their flanks.

So, we accept that if you go there
you might be on the menu.
Yes, we accept it's a risk,
but it won't always be true.

Sometimes you get to eat,
even though sometimes you're eaten.
You won't know what fate you'll meet,
only Gary knows for sure.

So, we say "Oh, hey!"
as Gary goes down the street.
We rarely cower
and hide under our bedtime sheets.

Gary is basically,
a really nice-nice fish.
Just don't look at him cross-eyed
or you may be on the next dish.

Gary! Gary!
You're a little scary!
Gary! glugh


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