The Cannon



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The Cannon


Mr. Beany's Bitty Band



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My cannon is
losing the cannon!
I thought that the cannon
would be smarter than that!

The cannon is
losing the cannon!
I think it is time
to call it smack!

Or maybe, just
to smack the cannon.
Give it a good,
good whack!

Maybe then,
yes, that good cannon
will learn to fire
right on track!

The cannon is good!
The cannon is strong!
The cannon will help
us live so long.

We love our cannon!
But, does our cannon
love us back?

Our cannon!
Oh, our cannon!
It fires so long
and so hard!

Our cannon!
Oh, our cannon!
What we put in it goes
for yards and yards!

We really like
the cannon balls,
but sometimes we
are out.

And then we
must load it up
with knick-knacks
or metal shards.

The cannon!
Oh, the cannon!
It does the
best that it can!

If we're firing something
like silverware
it might barely hit,
hit a can.

But the cannon!
Oh! The cannon!
It will do the best it can
and hopefully we'll survive

and the cannon will be
well loved by all
that survive
because some,
some might die.

And, hopefully
it'll be the other guy
because, I kind of wanted
to live real long.

And cannons!
Oh, cannons!
Do they really
live at all?

But they are still loved
and we would cry
if the cannon
left us all.


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