Lord Cave






This is
Lord Cave
presenting the
moral news.

Lord Cave
has the
moral news.
Listen to me.

Don't abuse
the things that you
drink or use.
The moral news is here!

Lord Cave will
speak it right!
The moral news is here!
Let Lord Cave show you the light!

Don't go outside!
Just, just hide.
Like Lord Cave
in his cave, cave cave!

Don't go outside
just, just hide.
And do not abuse
your, your eyes.

Keep them closed
all through the night
and through the bright
bright day!

Let Lord Cave
guide you
yes, through the
moral, moral way.

Lord Cave knows
what's best for you.
Let Lord Cave
show the way.

We'll stay safe
in our caves,
you know.

Keep your radio
tuned, tuned, tuned!
to my show today.

7pm, 6 Central.


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