Jar Comfort






Jar comfort sorrow gotta.
Gotta somehow survive.
Jar comfort sorrow gotta
somehow get to the outside.

Jar comfort helps!
At least for a while.
Jar comfort helps!
It helps me for a while.

But the sorrow's gotta come!
It will find a way outside.
The jar comfort helps,
but not all night.

The sorrow's gotta come.
It will pour from my insides.
The sorrow's gotta come.
Maybe then I'll be alright.

But the jar comfort helps!
At least sometimes for a night!
I'm not sure what
I'll be doing tonight.

Will I hit the jar
or let the sorrow do itself.
Bursting forth from my eyes
like torrents from hell.

The sorrow's gotta come.
The walls don't make it hide.
The sorrow's gotta come.

The jars don't help for that long.
The sorrow's way too long.

And maybe if I go through
I can get to the other side.


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