Secret Again






Secret again!
I have a secret again!
I don't want to tell
anyone, no noone.

Secret again!
I got a secret again!
I would be embarrassed
if they knew, knew, knew.

It's my secret.
I can tell it if I want to.
It's my secret.
I could tell, tell, tell.

Secret! Secret!
I will keep you,
keep you close.

Secret! Secret!
Closer than most!
I could tell you my secret
I keep it close!

Secret again!
I've got a secret again!
I had one once before,
but I do not remember when.

I like to tell them,
because I have them, yes.
I like to share them,
but then they're gone.

If I tell you,
then it won't be a secret.
I want my secret.
And I want to tell, tell, tell!

It's my secret
and I can tell you.
It's my secret.
I don't need to say a thing!

Secret! Secret!
How I hold you close.
Secret! Secret!
I will guard you most.


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