Theres a Bomb In Here






I've found myself in a situation where
I can't actually see how much time has elapsed.
This might be a problem. It might not.

But, it will definitely be a problem if the bomb explodes.

Did I mention the bomb?

I probably didn't mention the bomb.

See, I am here in this dark room,
and there's a bomb in here with me.
I know that because the bomber called me up on the phone
and said, "Hey, there's a bomb in that room,
And you should really go in there."

And so I went in the room and bang the lights went out.

So, I'm in a dark room and I know there's a bomb,
and if he turned the lights out,
he probably was being serious about that bomb.

But... maybe there is no a bomb,
but there's a sniper in here.
That would be a problem, too.
I've not been shot -- that I know of.
Sometimes you get shot and you don't know.

But, I don't think I'm bleeding.

And, there might be a bomb in here.

So, how would you go about finding a bomb,
if you can't actually see the bomb.
If I had an accute sense of smell,
I might be able to
use my nose to sniff out the plastic explosives.
Well, I'm not a dog.
I'm not descended from dogs.
I'm not a dog-kin.
I'm not even like a dog furry.
I'm just a regular old dude.
So, I can't even use my super nose powers
to sniff out the bomb.
The other thing I could do is,
if I had super hearing,
then I might be able to hear the
tick-tick-tick of the clock mechanism
if it used some sort of clock mechanism like that,
but... I don't really have super hearing.
My hearing's a little damaged
from too much loud music when I was younger
and, well... I don't have that going for me.
What else can I do?
Well, what other senses do I have?
I have a strong sense of value.
I like things to be good and true
and... that's not really going to help me find a bomb.
Because, even though the bomb goes against my inner sense of value,
I can't really use that to either find or diffuse the bomb.
So... that doesn't really help me at all.
Now, I might use my swimming ability
if I were in a pool
and it were some sort of,
I don't know,
pool bomb?
But when I think of pool bomb,
I think of somebody, like,
dropping a number two in a pool
-- which is really disgusting and should never happen --
and... It's definitely not one of those kinds of bombs.
How am I going to get rid of this bomb?
I don't really know.
But, I'm in this room,
and... I think the doors are locked.
Because, when I came in, I left the door open
and someone closed it, and I heard a little ticking sound
that may have been like a key in a lock.
And if I found that door,
that door didn't open.
Maybe it was a wall.
Maybe I didn't really find the door.
That would be cool, right?
I could actually get out
if I just found the door.
But, I think it was the door,
and I think it's locked.
And I think I'm stuck
in this dark room
with this bomb.
I don't know what to do now.
I guess I'll just sit
and just wait to be blown up.
I could bang on the door,
but everybody else already evacuated.
We were told there was a bomb.
And, maybe someone else will find me
before the bomb blew up.
But... Maybe, maybe they're working on getting the lights on?
Maybe the police cut the lights
so that the bomb wouldn't go off,
so if someone turned the lights on
the bomb might blow up and I might die.
I have no idea.
All I know is that I'm in a dark room and
there's a bomb with me.
Sitting here's not that bad.
It's better than being blown up.
It reminds me of when I was young,
hiding in the closet.
Just kind of sitting,
waiting for things to finish blowing up up outside.
But, all you can do is wait.
Maybe things will blow up worse.
Maybe things will quiet down.

Just wait.

I used to bring a toy with me, though.
I don't think I have one of those.

I don't even have my phone.
What happened to my phone?
I had my phone earlier today.

I bumped in to that guy...
That guy probably stole my phone.

Was he the bomber?
I didn't get a look at his face.



So, I guess I'll wait some more.

I wonder when this will be over.



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