Life Here Has Eyes






One thing I've noticed about the life here is that it has eyes.

Almost home of life here has eyes which is really unusual to you know people like me and Riley you because you know our people don't have eyes and I don't know what they do with their eyes all the time they're pointing them here and juggling them they are and always looking around but it never has our focus and they can't see everything around them like we can but it doesn't matter if they're like small domesticated animals or what supposedly the dominant life-form all over the town's I'll have eyes and they all seemed highly reliant on them I've been wondering how we can use that to our advantage when we invade I mean the lack of eyes that we have makes us stand out especially when we are both bipedal creatures and it's easy enough to wear the cone with sunglasses because apparently the Rays from the Sun harm their eyes or something since I don't have is of course that's not a problem for me and all I need to do is like pop those on and they totally think I'm just a normal person and I can walk around and I can investigate it's been very helpful and the I do use a device to help the sunglasses stick my head but it's a prosthetic nose but no the computer should be able to build you one really easily they're pretty straightforward I mean they're just like a little lump that sticks out has something to do with their olfactory senses you know what we use our mouths for but so snooping around and everybody's using their eyes all the time and I found that since they expect you to I'll be facing something because they've got these faces and all I got to do is point the side of my head that have nose attached to a different direction and like I use different part of my head to see and then I can watch them and they don't exactly know where me and watch so it is pretty neat they do not expect it and so I do this when I am approximately their size and then some of my associates who are smaller to it while pretending to be some of their pets then they have pets that also have eyes but have four legs now I mean this is us were talking about so two legs four legs it's all pretty good we can we can adapt and we can we can look pretty close to one of their pets just like we can look pretty close to them a difference between hand and feet is pretty minor the whole elbow and knee thing they lose their primary bending points and that's a much trickier than just pretending to have two or four anyway so that's one of my smaller Associates how pretend to be cats and dogs I think the one pretending to be a cockroach ended up dying signment but nobody expects people to bcn through their sailor hat or the top of their head your backside holding a leg up in the P like some of their pets and then you actually wash them through your ass I mean it's so way to investigate and they seem so preoccupied with her eyes I think I think that should be the way we attack how these devices people stare at them they call them phones and all we need to do is get some researchers getting access into the system and using up to destroy their eyes the key thing would be weed want to destroy their eyes almost all the same time and so the current research has not been able to do that so far they have multiple providers or cellular networks or phone brands or they keep getting things partial and incomplete and it's just been in testing because we didn't want to clue them in to F watch out but can't give a universal just yet but I mean was near a television and they had an emergency broadcast and it might be possible to use that to trigger the system if we can load it on all the devices and just use that to just trigger up so they they look at it and then fry their eyes and then we can move on in but some of them don't have functioning eyes me figure things out anyway that could be a problem could our Invasion be entirely stopped by the people without vision I have been investigating some and he seemed highly aware considering that they don't have eyes and to the point that I had to escape because I knew I wasn't right even though I know I didn't give anything away fish fillet but I escaped it seems those people rarely have weapons and do communicate it's possible they are spreading the word among their peers and it could be trouble so I hear one of them now.



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