Up in the Air



  • (mp3) Up in the Air

    🎧 crapcapella music by Mr. Beany's Bitty Band from FAWM 2020 (04:48)


Up in the Air


Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




FAWM 2020

Music Genre





I'm feeling so up in the air.
Up in the air.
Like a hot air balloon,
I’m up in the air.

Why did you do this to me?
You made me come completely free.
I'm unattached to the ground I fear.
I’m up in the air, up in the air.

The sight of you was
enough to blow me over
Your beauty! Your strength! Your charm!

The sight of you,
it truly blew me over.
Blew me down.
Blew me all across the hall!
Out the window!
Up in the air!

I’m ungrounded.
Flying! Flying!
Out the window!
And up in the air!

Will I land I land
Or will I fly,
walking on clouds
so high.

The sight of you
brings me such joy.
Your beauty. Your strength. Your charm.

The way you
abuse your other suitors.
None stands a chance.
You know what you want.

Blowing them down.
Knocking them over.
No one can stand to you.

I did not try! I had no hope!
Out the window and up in the air!
Do you see me flying there?

Maybe sometime
I can wave to you
and I might not look
totally like a doofus.

Maybe sometime
I can wave to you
and not be blown away!

Up in the air!
Up in the air!
Will I come down?
Will I fair well?

Up in the air!
Up in the air!
Where are you going now?
I don't see you on the ground, ground.

Hey look at you!
You’re up in the air!
Holding my hand!
Yes, I swear!

Hey, look at us
as we float along.
Flying along
up in the air.



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