• (mp3) Process

    🎧 crapcapella about my singing process (03:02)




I sometimes use a process
when I write my songs.
My process is simple:
just make them long.

Don't end too soon when you sing, sing your songs.
Go for maybe three minutes maybe four if it's super long.
I don't really have a process to my songs.
I just open my mouth and the song, it comes along.

But if I do I add some more process
like condiments and cheese to a sandwich

Sometimes I've sung about condiments and cheese.
Sometimes I have sung about knees that please me.
Sometimes I sing while pooping on the toilet,
but... I suppose that has a process.

I want to sing a song about my singing process.
Not my digestive process.
Not my tooting process.
Just a song about singing, singing processes.

Sometimes I sing to no one else but me.
Sometimes I sing and it's children that I please.
Now, now, now you see,
I sing for you and me.

Now, now, now you see,
I sing about my process

I think I might have
something of a process.
Not a formal one I've written down.

When I find nothing left to sing about,
I throw a wrench into it
and then I kill someone soundly.

I find someone in this song
and murder them with words.
Sometimes I disembowel them
or I send them to the birds.

Eaten from the eyes
and maybe the stomach.
They too have digestive processes.
This, of course, is my singing singing process.




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