Second Wind






When you talk
of a second wind,
are you talking
about your butt?

My butt, it sometimes
has a first and second wind
and sometimes a
third and fourth.

But me! Oh me!
When I talk of my
second wind, It has
nothing to do with butts.

I'm talking about
such lovely, lovely things.
And, going more when I thought
of stop, stop, stoping.
Just going for another time,
instead of just going stop.

That's what I call my second, second wind,
and rarely do I first fuel up.
I gather energy from the depths of me,
from the souls of creatures that I sucked on up.

That's how I get my second, second wind.
I gather energy from the depths of me.
And that's why you were here with me today,
because it's your turn to get sucked up.

So please wait here while I prepare my knives.
You can snack on the super fine wine.
And, when you are done you might feel a pinch,
and then fall asleep for the last, last time.

And with your energy
I will arise again,
with my second wind
I will rise on up.


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