Wasting Coal






I’m not watching YouTube,
I'm watching a screensaver.
I'm not watching YouTube.
I'm watching a screen saved.

I don't know why it's running.
I don't know that at all.
It's not really something
I ever thought about.

Usually I just have it
turn the monitor off
and save the environment!
Saving that coal
and the radioactive coal dust
that the coal plant puts out!

So, so now I watch
as my monitor wastes electricity.
So, so now I watch
as the environment is filled
with radioactive coal dust.

Some people think that coal plants
are better for the environment
than radioactive ones.
But now you no coal plants have
no regulation for
the radioactive waste they dispose of!

Radioactive power plants
are cleaner than dirty dirty coal.
This is what I think about
as I look at my screen saver,
showing me the results
of coal.

So, I must
turn it off
and be done.


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