Cringiest Song



  • (mp3) Cringiest Song

    🎧 a crapcapella song about being a cringe-worthy song (02:08)




This is the cringiest song!
I want to make you cringe!
This is the cringiest song.
It's not meant to be your friend.

It will make you cry, I think.
It might make you weep instead.
It is so full of cringe,
I think maybe it will be dead!

This is my dead, cringy song.
I will sing it just so long.
It is so full of cringe you know,
it's leaking from the holes on the side.

And it's dripping everywhere.
I don't want that cringe getting in my hair.
I would have to chop it off.
That would be a cringy sight to see.

And so this is a cringy song.
And it might be all, already dead.
But I hope it sees you well,
and you don't die today at all.



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