Sing While Doing Everything






I have joined a fitness program
for one, one reason: I want to sing!
I want to sing as I do everything!
As I do it all!

I want to sing while I sit in chairs.
I want to sing as I look at bears.
I want to sing as I walk outside
and sing about things!

I could be singing while I sing,
but to do that I need to learn how to sing anew!
I could learn how to make dual frequencies
flow from me like something new!

I think it would be just the thing!
I could sing as I walk, as I jog, as I dance!
I crude sing while I poop, but I do that already.
I could sing while I eat but only with ventriloquism’s help,

But I could still, could still try!
I want to sing, sing, and sing!
I just want to sing.

Maybe sometime I could sing in my sleep.
Bolt up out of bed songs pouring out of me!
It might be something to see!
but maybe no one will see it.

Maybe I won't remember it.
Maybe the song would be quite lost,
but still I want to sing, sing, sing!
I want to sing while I do everything!

So that's why I joined an exercise program!
I need to get healthy if I can sing and headstand.
And so I will try and give it my best,
and I hope that one day you will hear about the rest.



Lo-Fi Folk Acapella

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