Too Straight



  • (mp3) Too Straight

    🎧 lo-fi acapella about representation (03:19)




I don't like to watch that show
because the characters are
too straight, too straight!
Why are there no LGBT characters?
So I'll watch YouTube!
At least there there's LGBT characters!

Turn off the TV!
Let's just watch some YouTube!
Turn off the TV!
It is just too straight!

I don't want to read that book!
It's too straight, too straight!
I want characters, real good.
Some that aren't too straight.

Where's the book
with lovely LGBT characters?
I want more books that I can relate to
with lovely LGBT characters.

I will go and maybe
write my own own book
because every character
can be LGBT in my book.

I will make lots of money because kids my age
don't want characters too, too straight.
If kids are not straight,
they don't relate to your straight characters.

if this does not relate,
why don't you add some ace characters?
Why do kids need to have
any straight characters is in their shows?

If it does not matter
just erased those relationships.
So now I will go
and we will watch some YouTube.



Lo-Fi Folk Acapella

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