Herding Kittens


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lo-fi acepalla



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Track List

  1. Herding Kittens / 03:15

  2. Kittens Love Gravy / 02:47

  3. Be Friends with Pigs / 03:11

  4. Do not blame the pigs / 03:25

  5. Kittens Must Become Cats / 03:29

  6. Afraid of the Outside / 03:09

  7. I've never herded cats / 03:09

  8. Kittens! Kittens! Kittens! / 03:16

  9. Herding cockroaches / 02:43


From 2018-02-10 ""Herding Kittens" :: Improvised Album":

I was going for another of my "actually-an-album" one-takes, but I got interrupted by my son. While this might be okay if I were really doing an album-in-a-day, I prefer to do this as quick one- take albums.

I know that 9 songs is currently enough to be considered a full- length album by many folks, but remember I'm also tracking toward my goal of Fawm Squared, and that goal is only met be fourteeen 14-track song-sets. (Plus, 9 songs and under 35 minutes is an EP.)

This is not generally available due to the fact that it has not been transcribed yet. (YouTube's automatic transcription didn't work well.) The cover is ready. It was briefly available on Bandcamp, but it has been pulled until it gets transcribed.


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