Presidential Depends

It is sad, but when folks are in cognitive decline, like Reagan was during the last days of his Presidency, they sometimes poop on themselves. Admittedly, there was never speculation about Reagan and golden showers, but when folks are in cognitive decline they sometimes misremember things. Did he dream or fantasize about golden showers when he was in cognitive decline? We will never know.

I also once saw a picture of Andrew Jackson that looked like his trousers were styled to support a fully loaded pair of Depends-brand adult diapers. Mr. "Trail of Tears" Jackson was probably involved in far more perverse diversions than just golden showers.

So, it's an imaginary amalgamation of various FORMER Presidents.




Presidential Depends


09/30/2018 - 10:51


I would not poop on myself.
Maybe it would be
different this time.

In a given moment
it could go either way.
I should
to the bathroom

It was just a little bit
a little bit to stay.
I cleaned it up
as best I could.

I'd clean it up better
when I got home.
I'd clean it up better
but I was not home.

I needed to finish some things.
I needed to finish so much, much, much!
I did not know I would poop on myself.
I hope they did not notice,
but I thought I might stink a little.
Hopefully only if the dogs
put their noses
right against my butt
and sniff, sniffed me there.

I did not want the
people that I
to notice my stink,
not there.

I was the President
you know.
I was really the best one
for the job.
And I only pooped a little bit!
Surely no one would notice!

It was not like that time
I payed those hookers
to pee on me
while that man took pictures.
That was a good time!
Not like today.

Today when I pooped on myself.


Found on

50/90 2018


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